Jimmy Buckner

Executive Director of The Scarecrow Foundation

"Why should anyone in America be hungry?"

Derrick Furlow, Jr.

Board Chair of Scarecrow Foundation/ Speaker & Author/Former UT Football Player

"The Scarecrow Foundation makes fighting hunger fun!"

Ovince Saint Preux

MMA Fighter/Ambassador for Fight Hunger Week

Shonjrell Ladner

Chairperson for Fight Hunger Week & Mrs. East Tennessee America 2018 Week

"Together we can feed the homeless."

Harry Wade

Chairman Emeritus of The Scarecrow Foundation


Bill Regas

Past President National Restaurant Association & Board Member

"Scarecrow helps the helpers"

Benny Smith

General Manager & Program Director WUTK 90.3 The Rock

"WUTK believes that our station should have a positive impact on our community, and working with the amazing Scarecrow Foundation allows us to do that. Please, join us!"

Joe Consumo

Board Member

"Help us and together we can end hunger in America."

Tony Iasiello

Advisory Board Member

“There is no reason anyone in the USA should go to bed hungry. We are a nation that can feed itself 4 times over. Please support those who help feed those who can’t fed themselves!”

Josh Ward

Co-Host of Sports 180 WNML

"Let's fight together to end hunger in America."

Jaime Hemsley

Founder of GAGE Talent Agency, Producer of Knoxville Fashion Week

"If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday" - Isaiah 58:10 ESV

Rachael Borns

Nashville Leader

"As a previous intern for the Scarecrow Foundation, I am blown away with how far the organization has come in its fight against hunger"

Frank Eppolito

Leader of USA Boxing

"Always coach from the inside out and your results will be phenomenal."

Emmie Gossett


Susan Graham

Scarecrow Intern Coordinator

"I love the Scarecrow Foundation and taking part in every event they hold. Always a good time."

Brittany Brosky

Board Member

“My favorite part of the day is when I sit down for a good meal. I believe everyone should have that satisfaction.”

Sherry Fetzer

Gator Hator Week Chairperson

"It’s an honor to be part of the Scarecrow Foundation, an organization that inspires me with a strong commitment to serving others. We have a great balance of hard work and fun that brings our community together to nourish bodies, minds, and hearts. "

Lisa Fall

Advisory Board Member

Dan Goss

Board Member

"Ask yourself if you're doing all you can do. If the answer is no, then do more. We all have more. And, when we give more, others will give more. We do this to not fight alone but to do it together. When we all give a little more we can achieve so much more."

Larry Perry

Advisory Board Member

"The Life YOU Lead, IS...The Lesson YOU Teach!"

Monika Hancock

Derby Week Chairperson

"One person can make a difference & everyone should try!! This is what I love about the Scarecrow Foundation...a true genuine willingness to help make a difference."

Rusty Odom

Advisory Board

Chris Walden

Scarecrow Marketing

Cassy Hayes

Scarecrow Graphic Design